Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My mom's been very busy with the new house because they have a little over 5 days to stay on the apartment and bedroom is still not finished yet. I really wanted to help her but I have problems to settle on my side first. Hubby is still waiting for the doctor's appointment and we both pray it's not big because we cannot afford to throw money especially school time is approaching. We've packed half of our things already and probably in 2 weeks time, we'll be moving as well. I can't wait to decorate our own bed room and I'm sure our family room will be as awesome as we pictured it in our minds. I'm imagining those metal switchplates will be perfect  outside the house and a more mellow-plastic-like plates inside.

But first, off to hubby's doctor for that appointment...


Posted by Lizzz @ 4:52 PM

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