Friday, May 25, 2012

Sort em more...

We already here in the house for 2 months and still we're still not finish sorting clothes. Mom disposed a couple of big boxes two weeks ago and when I went upstairs yesterday to check, half of the load was gone but the other half is still here. I think we still need to sort some more. I know we can't keep everything and sooner or later we have to let go of the kids stuff mom still keeps in those boxes. Speaking of boxes, I think six of those boxes are mine hahaha! Will be disposing them too probably tomorrow. I remembered I still have the kiddo's baby clothes and my maternity wardrobe. Those are for disposal but some of the costumes, like princess, witch and horse riding apparel will stay. We still need them during Halloween you know. I know they have Halloween parties for kids here in the Village. I know because we were here last year.

Since I don't have time during work week. I'll keep my schedule open on rest days so we can get this done.


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:17 PM

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