Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cynthia Alexander migrates to U.S.

With no local support, Cynthia Alexander migrates to U.S.

 At the end of the month, singer, songwriter and bass player extraordinaire Cynthia Alexander is leaving the Philippines.

For good.

Cynthia is uprooting herself and her family and migrating to Seattle, Washington.

Her reason? 

Career-wise, she has had very limited support.
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I'm truly devastated honestly. But this is reality people and evenly common story...
...artist leaves home because of no support;  
...settles abroad and apparently gets recognized;
...artist gets to be famous internationally;
...homeland claims.

And She IS Cynthia Alexander for crying out loud. Multi-talented. Best there is, I tell yah.

I can't blame her because I know there's a lot more than this. Of course, there's better future for her and her family there and more reasons to expand her career. Good for her.

To Cynthia.. I wish you, GOOD LUCK. Spread the love and music. THANK YOU.

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I have seen.
I have been to places far and deep in my mind only to find.
Comfort in Your strangeness.

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