Monday, June 25, 2012

Rock Of Ages \m/

Me and my sisters watched ROCK OF AGES yesterday afternoon (after my work). They fetched me and once inside the car, it feels like 'Singles_only-Girls-Movie-Bonding moment' LOL. There was loud party music, make-up, girl talk and french fries lol. We even made a music video using the ipad3 and it was hilarious! Ipad3 music video maker btw is super awesome! Planning to use it for any future music video for the band.

So there we were @ Trinoma and bought the 4:10pm tickets. Then we went dress hunting for my sister's wedding but an hour of dress hunting is not enough. 1 hour, really? First dress was hideous on me; Second dress made my boobs look bigger. I think I'm gonna dress hunt on my own because I'm two sizes bigger than my sisters (Yes I know) and I need to hide some 'areas' that needed to stay... err hidden lol.

We bought snacks and popcorn (Tater's White cheddar) and rushed to Cinema 5. I love the trailer before the movie starts. It's like the sneak peak of what I will watch next. Anyway, the movie was great! Great star studded cast and the soundtrack was just awesome! Can't help but sing along LOL.

Spoiler Alert: I love Russel and Alec's duet LOL! Super funny!!!

Man! I was still singing even after the movie!

So you musicians out there.... Go watch ROCK OF AGES. It'll knock your socks off.

Happy Monday! Rock on! \m/

Posted by Lizzz @ 10:10 AM

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