Thursday, February 14, 2013

The essence of heart's day

 Valentine's day is almost over. I didn't spend time with my family today because I was at work until 10pm. I just got home and the kid is already fast asleep. The hubby and the kid had dinner at Jollibee and he said the kid really enjoyed it. That's what's important. I can see almost everybody is hooked in this Valentine's day craze. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, balloons everywhere and on every wall. Pictures of couples, babies, food, pets, places and even wedding bands for men. Yup! It's there alright. But the important thing I noticed is that everybody really wanted to spend the day with their love ones and they give extra effort on expressing and showing their love. I guess that's the whole essence of Valentine's day right.


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:30 PM

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