Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take your grilling FLAVOR to the next level!

I've been trying to transform our every meal into something healthy and hearty ever since our last family annual family check-up a month ago. I know we are not getting any younger and we wanted to be with our kid as much as we can. So I collected all the healthy pasta and grilled dishes as I could find. I also learned a lot from cooking demos especially how to add spices to make the dish extra delish!

So what grilled dish would you prepare for your Sunday family and/or friends gathering?

Me, I tried replicate the chicken barbeque dish that I saw online and it came out pretty decent. Look here...

~ Grilling in action! ~
~ Chicken Barbeque on stick! ~

And no grilled dish is perfect without a McCormick, of course. And this is the only seasoning I trust and use because the recipe I have is from my mom and it was pass on to me. McCormick is really the flavor expert! It makes every grilled dish so perfect that everytime I take a bite, it always takes be back when I was in my childhood days with my mom grilling in the backyard. Yup! Just like the movie, Ratatouille.

And God knows how I'd try to tell the hubby not to burn it hahaha! But it was a FUN FUN Sunday family lunch I must say! Kids were playing, me and my sisters are chatting, while the hubbies were grilling with a bucket of beer on the side. There's no AWESOME way to celebrate family bonding over a great, healthy and delicious meal! Raaarrrrr!

And speaking of awesome dishes, here's where we can all feel the flavor, taste the thrill... and maybe win a grill??? GRILL NATION is the event to be people!

Be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4pm onwards at the Bonifacio High Street! 
~ Details *here* ~

I cannot wait for our next family Sunday lunch escapade, because it's gonna be Hickory Smoked for us this weekend! READY THAT BELLY FAMILY!!!
Enjoy steaks the way Americans do with McCormick Hickory Smoked Seasoning Mix
 It gives that sweet, hickory-smoked, hot-off-the-grill flavor to beef, pork or chicken

And as for the McCormick Grill Nation event on April 7, 2013 at the Bonifacio High Street (4pm).... expect me to be there because I wanna grab those yummy recipes! 

As for you.... I'll see you at the GRILL NATION dearie =)


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