Monday, July 22, 2013

Work, Bake, Play.

It'll be my dad's birthday in less than 2 months and he's already asking me if me and my band can play. Technically my official band is still on break and my project band are busy with work, especially me. I also have tentative gig on December. I feel bad about not having time with Music anymore. I still want to play of course, but I'm so occupied with work and baking. I'm striving to establish my own business while working at the same time. But maybe I'll make an exemption for the coming months because it's my dad's birthday. Besides, I was hold my fender again. And speaking of gears, I saw this awesome idea on facebook, wherein there's an ordinary cabinet (for clothes) but when we slide it open, a fender aerodyne is inside. Cool right!

So in the coming months, I'll be on work, bake, play mode.


Posted by Lizzz @ 6:59 AM

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