Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How nice

It's so nice if a fellow blogger shares an award. I feel special and it's a nice feeling =B

Thanks Kathycot for the award. You know, I always enjoy your kwento (stories) and I really admire your paid blogging. And now you're a SAHM. A lot of mommies out there would really want to take your place (including myself). Imagine-SAHM, means more time with the little toddler and more time online hehe. God bless!

Now it's time to pass the trophy err award... I want to include Ann and kRisTiNe but they're been tagged already! here's the list...

+ aiMzster ~ Great talent and Huge heart.
+ Chuvaness ~ Good company to be with... never a dull moment.
+ Ruthie ~ Super fun to be with.
+ Angelica ~ Sweet and loving mom. I admire her for that.
+ Christy ~ Food, fashion and adventure!
+ Bluepanjeet ~ his blog? Informative and entertaining =B
+ Ambo ~ I call him the mystery man hehehe =B
+ Jamo ~ Super kwela to the highest level!
+ GreyMom ~ Cool mommy-SAHM.
+ MommyChi ~ with a super cute baby ...


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:03 AM

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wow kasali ako! thank you thank you!

teka, naawardan mo na ang mga gusto kong awardan ah!

uy tatlo na trophy natin liz, sana convertible to cash noh? hehe

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 8:39 PM #

wow.... thanks lizzz......

Posted by Anonymous genpot @ 1:49 AM #

@ aimz ~ oo nga nasa convertible to cash! nyahaha..

@ Genpot ~ You're welcome po =)

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 9:44 AM #

wow...humahakot tayo ng awards ahhhh


wala bang cash frize lizzie??

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 10:48 AM #

thanks for the award im so honored. I was just wondering why I havent seen th link on my admin. Had it not been for Malen I wouldn't come to know this... hmmm maybe my technorati is broken again LOL

sana in kind na lang hahaha Joke lang po. I will keep this in my trophy cabinet or in mu museo kapatid. Cheers!!

Posted by Blogger bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ @ 10:51 AM #

Sorry late ako nagcomment dito haha. bakit naman mystery ako? hehehe

Posted by Anonymous Ambo @ 8:25 PM #

Uy may award ako! Thanks Lizzz! I'm deeply touched. Salamat nang marami. Much appreciated!

Posted by Anonymous GreyMom @ 11:15 PM #
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