Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are here

So much had happened these past few days and I don't want to document it here. My close friends already knew--so guyz thanks for listening. But we are here in Bulacan. It's our second day and thank God I don't have any problems with the house helpers. I hope it would stay that way. As for *Lj*, she enjoys playing with her toys a usual. And I'm here in Netopia--SM Marilao doing my paid ops. I applied for a Smart Bro earlier so hopefully I'll be online at home. For now, I gotta go!

Miss you guys!


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:17 AM

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it's ok. Everything is gonna be alright. Gimik tayo one of these days ulet kahit sa SM marilao lang. hehehe

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 11:52 AM #
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