Friday, October 12, 2007

We R moving...

After months of stay here in QC, we are finally going *back* to Bulacan on Sunday. Some are happy because we are going back there but the rest felt sad. I've weigh the advantages and disadvantages already. But I'm all concerned with disadvantages of staying there. First, is longer time to travel from home to work, that means I need *more* time to prepare in advance so I won't miss the bus/fx. Second, the longer that travel time the lesser I'll be with my daughter. And lastly, because its much farther that means I need more than the usual travel fee. And now you're asking why do need to stay there? Because we have to.

We will be leaving here on Sunday morning and I only have a day to pack--that's tomorrow. I can't do it now because I still need to go to work later. There's so many thing to do once we're there. I hope I can find *time* again. Time has been a problem lately for me... I kept saying, "If only I had time, I would...blah blah blah!" I'll definitely find a broadband provider there. I can't afford NOT to go online and do my paid ops... not now.

Have a peaceful weekend everyone and please... wish me luck!


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:20 AM

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God bless Liz sa pag move nyo. Don't let it stress you!

Posted by Blogger ruthie @ 3:22 PM #
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