Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a little concern

Yesterday, I was on the bus going to Cubao. I saw this lady with her daughter sat beside me. The lady caught my eye because she was holding a 2-3 month old baby. By the looks of them, the lady or the mother picked up her daughter from school and she brought her new born, maybe because there's no one else to take care of her baby while she's gone. I was a little worried because it was noisy, hot and there's smoke pollution from the vehicles. Yes, we rode the ordinary bus. I remembered when *Lj* was small, I was very sensitive with noise that might interrupt her sleep, also weather--should be not too warm or cold, and of course it should be worry-free surroundings. Or maybe I was a little paranoid. Oh well.

I finished our company's annual physical examination yesterday too. I submitted the necessary specimen they need. Please don't ask me how I did it. My appointment with the doctor turned out good. No worries. I went to 5th floor to submit my paper when someone, I think the nurse, called my attention. He asked a few questions to confirm something, then he called another lady nurse and had her checked the microscope. They were into their usual medical term conversation in which an ordinary human being like myself cannot understand, then he wrote something on my paper. He asked me to go back to the doctor who examined me and present the results. On the way to the elevator, I tried to figure-out the numbers and acronyms on the paper with no success. I presented the paper and gave the doctor a big grin. She calmly explained to me whats happening and gave me "assignments" which I need to do within a few days. I asked if this like "A-S-A-P", she said yes. What the?!... I went back to my station and stared at the paper. My burger was sitting beside my keyboard which I saved but then I lost my appetite, but I ate it anyway. I hope this is not too serious because I don't want to be sick. But then again, I wont be able to know it unless I'd do my "assignments". *Assignments=lab tests*

I'm just a little concern now...


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:07 AM

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Whatever it is it's good that they detected early on, di ba? Hope it's nothing serious.

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 6:37 PM #

naku, anong assignment ito? anong meron? nakaka-tense naman!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 8:01 PM #
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