Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just a girl

I can't remember when was the last time I bought something for myself. I think it was a month or so ago. All I thought for the last couple of weeks was to save and save $$$. I don't have problems with temptation because I've worked on night shifts. Going to the mall before and after my shift was impossible. Its either the mall is already closed or it's still early. Last Monday I started my new shift on mid. That means I have to leave the house at 12noon. No problem. I'll just take the bus ride and a jeepney ride---no sweat. But last Thursday I took the familiar route--the MRT train. That means passing the Cubao farmers area and the Gateway mall. No problem. Just pass by. I got off the train and looked at the time... it's still early. I decided to walk inside the dept store in Farmer's Cubao and there it was... new classy trendy sophisticated blousess on display that I wanted to have. I instantly forgot where I was or where was I going... I just grabbed a couple of them and went to the fitting room. I ended up at the cashier and bought one for myself. And yes I was also looking the flats on the rack that I thought it’d go well with my new blouse. Good thing, I only have enough money for the blouse that time. I courageously gathered my guts and went straight to the LRT2 station. I looked at plastic bag and I felt happy. I felt a little satisfied. The next day, I went there again and grabbed a few more and headed to the fitting room. Okay not a few, but a lot. And yes I ended up the cashier and bought not 1 or 2 but 3 new blouses. I'm sorry! But you wont believe how satisfied I was. Is this normal? I mean for us girls? Or does this happen to boys as well?

I've decided to buy a pair of flats next week. Just one, promise. I've been thinking lately that I need a makeover on my wardrobe. I have to get rid of those so soo ordinary t-shirt that I have. Yes, I have those souvenir t-shirts (given from xmas parties from years back) that I used everyday for work. I think I look like a factory worker. Maybe I want people to look at me and say that even though I have a super active daughter, I still look good. uy conscious!

Hey! This happens to everybody right? Can't blame me... I'm just a girl.


Posted by Lizzz @ 1:01 AM

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hi liz!

4am and am still inside a mall (don't ask me how! *wink*), just finished doing some geeky stuff so am quickly dropping by blogsites. =)

i can see all these closed shops right now and the really nice stuff they have on display. straight outta the glossy magazines!

yep, i guess it's a girl thing. yesterday afternoon after working with my little kids, i bought a rico blanco shirt (for human clothing) just because i have a crush on him. i think he's really smart and i find him cute (we were in the same elevator once. sayang natorpe ako.) hahaha! oh yeah, the printed cameras on the shirt did get my attention too pala. but i got a bit badtrip when the *XXS* size was the perfect fit for me. I want to be a *MEDIUM* girl!

yaiks! mumbling here again.

good morning and i wish you have a great sunday!


Posted by Anonymous *T* @ 3:47 AM #

Totally normal. hehehe.. the last time i went to the mall i ALMOST purchase something but ended up not buying it hehehe.

may MEG sa cyberworld and they are selling the blouses that I love so I might stop there and purchase one hehehe

Posted by Blogger MyStRiPeSoCkS @ 1:23 AM #
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