Saturday, November 10, 2007


20's tag from Ann!

1. Are you good at hiding your feelings? Sometimes.
2. How can we tell that you're already irritated? I usually tell someone when I'm irritated.
3. How do you treat the person that obviously doesn't like you? super deadma!
4. What usually ruins your mood? when things turns out messy or were not as planned.
5. Who do you see everyday that you wish you just wouldn't at all? none in particular
6. When was the last time that you had a good cry? I can't remember.
7. How often do you shop for clothes? Once in two to three months.
8. Who's your long-time crush? hmm... Keanu Reeves
9. Someone you just had a crush on? haha secret! joke! none.
10 . Do you have something that you wish you just don't? Love-handle, stretch marks and huge butt!
11. Do you sometimes crave for something that isn't there? No.
12 . Do you wish to live in a faraway land where nobody knows you? Sometimes.
13. Have you kissed a total stranger? No hehe.
14. What do you want to do at this moment? Go home.
15 . The worst feeling? Headaches. I really don't like when my head hurts.
16. How about the best? Being a responsible mother.
17. Ever given your number to someone you dislike? No.
18. What will you say to the one reading this right now? Thanks for dropping by!
19. What/Who do you need right now? I really need to sleep!
20 . Happy with your life? Very much yes.


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:50 PM

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ay ako din pala! crush ko si keanu reeves, eversince. lalo na sa matrix 1. super gwapo for me ng taong yan! :)

Posted by Blogger ann k @ 3:50 AM #

@ Ann ~ Na sobrang fanatic ako sa Matrix dati. Feeling ko close na kmai ni Keanu dati. Ako kase si Trinity e LOL heheheh

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 7:35 AM #
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