Monday, November 5, 2007

mp3 players

We are now officially counting days before Christmas. We were already checking our Christmas lights earlier before dinner. And tomorrow we will be setting up Christmas tree already. Our living room is mess with *Lj* toys. I might be transferring them inside the bedroom so we can have some space for the Christmas tree. Once I have my Christmas tree up tomorrow, I would then think of gifts for zitros. Gift giving and opening during Christmas day is very special for us. We loved to surprise each other with gifts. There are loads of gifts ideas I have in mind for my sisters. Good thing I found Savebuckets website. They offer computer accessories like notebook bag lock, notebook security lock, laptop bag with numerous choices and many more. They also have mp3 players and accessories for MAC which my sister would love. Our youngest sister would love an mp3 player of her own. Savebuckets would definitely save me time and trips to the mall.

mp3 players


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:27 PM

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