Thursday, November 1, 2007

Long day

Yesterday was the longest day ever for me. We left the house at exactly 8AM. Daddy lolo gave us a ride to my SIL's house. I had our things packed the night before so that when we woke up the next morning, we would just leave. Since it's early, we just took a bath there. We left SIL's house at 10AM and headed to TriNoMa. The mall was full of kids with their Halloween costumes doing their Trick or Treatin'. We had a glazed doughnut snack at Krispy Kreme and had lunch at Chef 'de Angelo. I had a tomato sauce pasta with pepperoni pizza meal. Yummy. TriNoMa experience would not be complete without a Blizzard treat! So we bought one for dessert. Yes, Pecan cluster again for me. Too bad *Lj* was sleeping that's why she didn't get any ice cream at all. Pecan cluster=All mine hehe! We left the mall at 1:30PM and headed to Eternal Garden to visit hubby's grandparents. Then we went back to SIL's house and met up with the hubby. That was already 4PM. We ate (again!) pancit for mieryenda. At 4:30PM, we left the SIL's house and went to our house in qc. We fetched my mom and got dressed for Amber's first birthday party at Shakey's, UN ave. We met up with my dad and my sister there.

It was suppose to be a costume party. Unfortunately, most of the kids were not wearing any costumes. That's why Amandine and *Lj* stand-out from the crowd. Amandine as the wonder woman and *Lj* as the little angel. We were suppose to get the witch costume for *Lj* but they didn't have it on toddlers size. But she was very cute in the angel costume.

~ My little Angel ~

~ Amandine as the Wonder woman! ~

~ Birthday girl, Amber with her daddy... ~

Amber was so cute! I must say, she really did enjoyed her party. She didn't sleep or cried at all. She was wide awake and was smiling and laughing all the time. Especially the candle blowing part, she was adorable. I was also happy to see *Lj* indulge with the chicken leg. At the end part of the party, we were lucky that *Lj* was in the mood for taking pictures.

~ Wacky fun pose with our Little Angel--*Lj* ~

The party was 6:30PM-8:30PM. We left the place at 9PM and then we got home in qc at 10PM. After that, I fixed our things and went home in Bulacan and arrived at 11PM. Talked about time management. *Lj* was already sleeping on the way home. And me? I was definitely exhausted...

More pictures *here*


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:30 PM

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hi lizzz. that's really a jampacked day ha, di bale, while im sure you were dead tired at the end of the day, seems to me you guys had so much fun. those are cute costumes, bagay kina amandine and lj :)

Posted by Anonymous ladycess @ 8:46 AM #

ei liz! we're also at trinoma that same day around the same time. sayang di tayo nagkita! anyway, lanna is a very pretty angel ha. at nakakatuwa ang pictures niyong family. :)

Posted by Blogger ann k @ 3:28 PM #

I love your pics =). Lj and her cuz looked like they had fun at the party. Hmmm... Party girls in the making ba? Hehehe...

PS You must not be getting enough sleep! You're always on the go, go, go... =)

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 4:29 PM #

@ ladycess ~ yes we had fun talaga. First time ni Lj mag suot ng costume kaya mukang enjoy naman sya. :B

@ ann ~ woah! Sayang! sana nagkita tayo. Para makita ko na ni Dwyn. Sa susunod nalang hehehe

@ kRisTiNe ~ Mukhang party girls in the making nga sila, lalo na si Amandine. Feeling ko nga im not getting enough sleep these days hay.. hehe

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 5:52 PM #
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