Thursday, November 1, 2007


During our high school days, my sisters loved to play videogames. They would take turns in playing will all sorts’ games. Of course, it was a summer vacation that’s why they played incredible all day. I remembered, we would borrow a video game unit from a friend because we don’t have one. And then, finally my dad bought a second hand Play station and so the addiction continued. I was not game addict during that time maybe because I was scared to loose a game. When I get a chance to a hold of the game console, I would ask my little sister to play with me. Of course, I would beat her all the time in every single game we played. Hey that’s life. But now, with all sorts of games consoles available in the market, even a little boy can beat can play and win in a difficult or complicated game. And then, I found GamesRadar. The site offers the best and quality video games on the Internet. It offers Xbox games, Xbox cheats, Playstation 2 cheats and many more. Click and see what the site has to offer. Come and feel the excitement every gamer could possible have and experience the fun in the world of video games online.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:50 PM

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