Monday, October 29, 2007


There are two things on my mind when I entered paid blogging—first is Christmas which is very much fast approaching; and the second is my little angel’s birthday. I would gladly take two jobs since we need to earn for tuition fees as well. I know every single parent is thinking of their child’s future everyday. Since blogging is my only outlet since my music—which was 6 years ago, I’ve finally decided to make money from my hobby. And I don’t have any single regret about it. I very much enjoy what I’m doing. I learned to be patient with opportunities and also jive with unexpected challenges. It makes blogging a little more exciting as it is now.

When I learned about paid blogging, all I want is to work for Payperpost. Since they have the highest reputation on the Internet, I heard they have a great team. And they never fail to meet my expectations. That’s why I definitely recommend Payperpost to all aspiring bloggers out there who wants to embrace the challenges of paid blogging. I am definitely looking forward to Christmas this year, because I know for myself that I have accomplished something. And that’s being able to work with Payperpost. So I better get started on the birthday planning for my little angel. See you online!

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