Wednesday, October 24, 2007

15 Must-Do

This is long over due (sorry Ruth!) but better late than never. We are now counting "days" before Christmas! Thanks Ruthie for this tag. It will definitely help me finish the things I need to do before the year ends.

Here's my list:
1] Give my hair a treatment from the salon. It could be hair straightening, rebond or whatever. My hair has been like this--frizzy and dry. Believe me, I look like a lion when my hair dries up.

2] Buy a Waffle Maker. I kept saying that I wanted it and I'm gonna buy one for the last several months. But until now, still no waffle maker. I hope I could buy one before the year ends.

3] Steamer. My dad owns a electric steamer at home in QC. I think it's good to have one in Bulacan. Because we can prepare food minutes before meal time. I like the steamed veggies and corn. And it's healthy!

4] *Lj*'s birthday. We need to decide where her second birthday's gonna be. At home or on some fast food somewhere. Since we're already living again in Bulacan, my strongest bet would be at home.

5] Family portrait. I need to have our Family wedding portrait developed in a large size and buy a frame for it. Unfortunately, hubby and I are close to our 2nd wedding anniversary and I haven't done anything.

6] Shoes. I need to buy shoes! I'm down to two pairs for shoes now--Nine West boots and my Girbaud sneakers. Poor me. I want a pair of flats, slippers-preferably crocs , running shoes and another pair of boots. Too much?I don't think so! haha!

7] Clothes. A month ago, I bought 5 new blouses because I plan to change my wardrobe into something classy. So I still need a couple more and some skirts to go with it.

8] Gadgets. I was planning to buy a brand new laptop for my personal use. As in for myself only. My dad wants me to have his laptop but I refused. Because I want one for my myself. But then, that means huge $$$, in which I don't have haha! So I have another option--buy an external Hard drive. I was already eyeing for the Western Digital 120G but I'm not sure why I'm still not getting one.

9] *Lj*'s pictures. I have her pictures in a separate folder named "FOR PRINT" which means I need to print them asap. I already compiled her pictures from birth to 10 months old. I computed the number of pieces that needs to be developed and it will cost me around 1,200 pesos. Hay..

10] Dentist Appointments. I cannot afford to skip another appointment since I want to finish these braces before the year ends.

11] Family picture. I am planning to have another family picture session with my hubby and kid. And I'm planning it this coming November. So expect a lovely Christmas card from us with our faces in it, just let me know your home address.

12] Business. My sister will participate in the coming Christmas bazaar on December and she's asking me to sell some of my items. So I have to come up with quality goodies and products by that time.

13] Spa. I was thinking of pampering myself lately. Just a token of appreciation to myself haha. I think a body massage and foot spa will do.

14] Facial. My mom used to bring me to "Let's face it" for a facial. I stopped attending sessions because it hurts terribly. But looking at face now? If the mirror could talk, it will say that I needed to go back there and continue the sessions. I need a major facial cleaning to the highest level.

15] Christmas Shopping. So Christmas is days away. I hope I can find time to spend for Christmas shopping. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world--Christmas Shopping!

16] Christmas Parties. I'm also looking forward to the numerous Christmas parties this December! Including our getting together mommy-Christmas party with my blog friends--Kathycot and Ann.

17] Enchanted Kingdom. Christmas would never be the same without the amusement parks. So we plan to bring *Lj* to Enchanted Kingdom this year or next year--January or February. I'm sure she's gonna enjoy the lights, rides and the food.

OMG! The title is only 15-MUST DO and I'm on the 17th now. Now I realized that there's so many things to do but so little time hehehe! Enough of the whining and I better get started.


Posted by Lizzz @ 6:08 PM

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