Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is just a quickie update from what had happened in the past few days. Last week--work, work and more work for me. Saturday--Ate Jen and Jo went to Bulacan to visit us. We cooked, ate and ate a lot. We chatted with MIL and talked about what we want for Christmas. Maybelline, Clinique make-ups and Victoria secret--yahoo! Then at 8PM-me, hubby and *Lj* went to QC to spend the rest of the weekend. 10am, Sunday morning we went to Mia's 1st birthday at Mcdo North ave. Then we met up with the rest of the Zitros in Sto. Domingo. We ate lunch at Red Crab, and then when to TriNoMa and ate dinner there. Never ending fun with Zitros indeed. We miss our sister--sarpotz. I'm uploading the pictures now so I can show what we've been up to. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day for us. We'll visit Papang, Mamang and Tito in the cemetery. And maybe we'll go to the local school here to vote... then we'll go home in Bulacan.

I was thinking of a new Tag agenda here and I came up with two different topics. So expect a new topic from me, hopefully I will be able to start this week. I'll try. And a few moments ago, I was discussing blogs with my sister--J. She's a little interested but I doubt if she's gonna start a blog of her own. I'm seeing her more as a private person. And speaking of sister... I know she's gonna be very mad at me when she sees this... but I cant help it. If mom printed a hard copy and showed it to her office mates and papa saved a copy in his cell phone... why cant I? So I'm posting it here. And besides, this news is already late. Good thing, I didn't post all the pictures-- right sis? hehehe...

~ My sister with her brand new Toyota Prado. Pasakay naman! ~

~ Advance Happy Birthday sis! Padala ka ng pang-Starbucks namin ah! =B ~

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