Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Addict on boots

It's so obvious that Aimz and I love boots. We love to wear a pair especially during gig. It makes brings out the real me. I remember I bought my first pair when I was in high school. I literally broke my piggy bank and bought the boots straight away. And from then on I became an addict. I used to visit ukay-ukay to scout cheap and unique ones. And I was lucky to get 2-3 pairs with very cheap price. Last year I purchased ugg boots on the Internet and I used it when me and my friends went to Hong Kong on the same year. The last pair I bought was two months ago. I did not plan to buy them but you know how it feels to have the shopping itch? Yeah, credit card! But I did not regret getting them because my rain boots are soo in these days due to the heavy rains hahaha. They are very comfortable, plus my feet are water proof! That's the best part. Now I need to more skirts to pair it with LOL.


Posted by Lizzz @ 7:16 AM

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