Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cell phone galore

My sister G's Birthday is fast approaching we plan to have a little get together at my parent's house. They just moved in to the new apartment and everybody there is welcoming. The landlord agreed about the party next week so we are all excited. I plan to buy some California Maki to add highlights on the food table. And I don't have to worry about buying a gift because I also bought her a pair of heels at the CMG store in Trinoma few weeks ago. My dad bought her a Blackberry though. Yeah, it's like my ultimate dream phone. Second to an iPhone of course. But I haven't tried to use any of the phones yet so I tried to search for cell phone reviews online. My sister J's using an iPhone for a good 2 years already. And sister S used to have an Iphone but she shifted to Blackberry too. And me? Cell phones for me need not to be expensive, as long as I can make calls and text, that's fine with me. But if a generous someone would give me an iPhone or maybe a Blackberry cell phone? It's definitely fine with me.


Posted by Lizzz @ 6:49 AM

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