Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to move

Did I mentioned that we're moving again? Yes we are. Something unfortunate happened here two weeks ago that it felt like we really need to move again. Everybody's safe and nothing to worry about. It's just that we think and feel that it's not safe here for us anymore. We scouted some apartments nearby but there's none available. Apartments here in QC are expensive and way out of our budget. We found a nice 2-storey, 2bedroom apartment in Fairview with a nice fence and a parking space for the car. It's inside this big subdivision which is good because I can jog again everyday. I feel I still need get sensa weight loss plus jogging everyday to get this fat off haha. Anyway, we are still looking for apartments in QC and we're giving it a week, if not, we're definitely gonna get the one in Fairview. Time to move again.


Posted by Lizzz @ 9:00 AM

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