Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kidney Stones

It's been a stressful for us today. We've been going back and forth from the clinic and hospital since this early today. It all started when hubby woke up with a back ache this morning. He immediately went to the clinic to see the doctor. Hubby was already with the doctor when I arrived at the clinic. Hubby got a shot of buscopan for the spasm and that calmed him down. We waited several hours in the ultra sound diagnostic center in FEU hospital. It was 1pm when we got the results and went back to the clinic to see the doctor for follow-up check-up. Unfortunately, they found a stone in the kidney area that causes the pain. And of course, everything boils down to his diabetic problem. Doctor patiently explained to us all we need to know about the decease and how to prevent it. The doctor advised us to read more and be cautious especially the contents of the food we will eat. Diabetes is a very hard decease to fight and on our case, we still have time to prevent it. Hubby is willing to undergo diet, low salt and low sugar. Hopefully, he'll be back on track in a few months.

So we were advised to see a Urologist and unfortunately, the doctor was out of town. So we called it a day and went home instead. This was already 8 in the evening. Hubby is now sleeping quietly and hopefully he doesn't wake-up in pain again. He'll go to the doctor on Thursday and hopefully by then we'll know if he needs to take additional meds for the stone or zap it. Let's see. For now, I ask for your prayers. Thank you.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:39 PM

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