Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What I love summer is the beach! The sand on my feet and salty water on my skin. It's like an instant spa for the whole body. Montemar--this is our favorite family destination since we were still kids. Now, I brought my kid there. I took this solo shot (below) because I remembered my dad would make us stand by the shore and pose like this too. Unfortunately, I can't find my own shot.

~ Montemar Beach Resort ~

I know some people doesn't like to be exposed to the sun too much, but me, I don't mind at all. Because I'm one of those lucky individuals who gets the normal skin back in a few months. So what else did I do in beach yesterday? Siesta of course!

~ Siesta by the beach ~

Yup! Nothing beats a peaceful siesta by the beach, with cool salty air and waves. I really had a nice time even though we only had a day. Next stop... Magalawa Island and Palawan... soon!

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Posted by Lizzz @ 9:35 PM

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