Friday, September 9, 2016

Birthday party!

It's Papsie's birthday party at Aberdeen court tonight. Everything should be ready. I finished frosting the cupcakes yesterday and final touches will be at the venue later this afternoon. I will fetch the kiddo from school, get some stuff at home (and course, bachuchai) and we'll head straight to the venue because I don't want to get stuck in traffic with the kids in tow.

Kiddo and I are suppose to perform a song but I backed out. Yes I did. It's soo not me. I just got so busy this week with work and the cupcakes, that I had no time to practice. I feel bad. I really wanna make-up with the kiddo because she really did practice... for that I'm proud of her. 

Lately, I was thinking of getting a pick-up for my acoustic guitar. I'm suppose to use it but I got worried that they might not hear the guitar clearly if we'll just point a microphone to it. I was checking on guitar pick-ups on sales and really looking forward on buying one. There's another event coming up and I really wanna play with the kiddo this time.

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