Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Photos have arrived

Yehey! My Yahoo! photos have arrived and it is now on Flickr. I checked my Flickr account and it's all there... all 700+ pictures hehehe. What about yours?
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[Flickr] Your Yahoo! Photos have arrived!
Hi again lizzzdls -

Yee har! All your photos have been imported from your Yahoo! Photos account into your lizzzdls Flickr account.

And! To say thanks for choosing Flickr as the home for your Yahoo! Photos, we've topped up your pro account with an extra 3 months of Flickr pro for free. That means your pro account is good until 1st December, 2007. We're guessing the first thing you'd like to do is make sure everything made it over OK. We've done our best to keep as much information about your photos as we can, like their titles and descriptions, or whether they belong in an album (which we've transformed into a Set on Flickr). For more info, please review our FAQs about what will happen when your photos arrive.

Here's more information about the details of the transfer:

Or, if you just want to get going, head for Your Photos page to get started:

Regards, Flickr HQ


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:22 AM

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