Saturday, September 1, 2007

Month of "BER" na

Yup! Month of "-ber" na so malapit na pasko! Nooooo! hehehehe.

Anyway, quick update lang to. Dito pala kami pupunta bukas... Yey! Another birthday party! Excited nako--I mean excited na pa si *Lj* hehehehe....


Posted by Lizzz @ 5:54 PM

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cute ng anak ni jelwynne and sir rico...pakibati na lng hehehe

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 10:39 PM #

Yup! Sobrang cute nga ng baby nila, lalo na ngayon ang laki na. Mamukha ni Rico =B

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 11:15 AM #

tara malen mag-asawa na tayo para may babies na tayo

Posted by Anonymous Hannah @ 8:47 AM #
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