Thursday, August 9, 2007


My friend Malen already posted about our Anawangin trip. So for a detailed kwento, check her post *here*.

This is the problem with late posts... I tend to forget *dammit*. But to sum it up, we all had a great time! Anyway.... I'll just post some pictures which highlights our trip.

~ Bus ride... enjoying some music and friendly chats. ~

~ Thrilling boat ride going to our destination... Anawangin. ~

~ The boys just finished setting-up the camp site. ~

~ Picture perfect view from the camp site. ~

~ Next day... Finished breakfast and getting ready for the Island hop. ~

~ Capones Island. It's soo beautiful here! ~

~ We went to the other side of the Island for a taste of underwater adventure. It's my first time... and believe me, it's a whole new world down there! ~

~ Snake Island. Do you see the Island at the back? That's where we all spend the night. ~

This will be the trip that's worth remembering for the rest of my days. Hope to be back there with my hubby, of course... and share the sun set together.

We left the place exactly the way nature wants it.

***Complete pictures *here*


Posted by Lizzz @ 4:53 PM

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Wow, ang ganda naman talaga dyan =). Good for you!

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 11:30 AM #

wow!! astig yun pagkakagawa mo nun LIZ tapos...hinawi ng it...nakaka iyak...waaaahhhh

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 12:05 PM #

omg you had a grand time ... your smiles and your wet hair and gerrups seem to be saying. Enjoyed to the max ha. Were you with office berks?

Posted by Blogger Annamanila @ 2:41 PM #

ang gaganda ng pix mo! ansaya-saya! inupload ko sa friendster ko ung iba. sa pangasinan na ang susunod! yahoo!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 8:14 AM #

Dear Liz,

Been a while since i dropped by and wow! am sooo glad you had this trip! i remember the first message i got from you...*wink...wink*

now, am crossing my fingers (and toes) that i get sand on my feet anytime soon too. am beginning to get *sungit*. =) i've been very busy lately...

here's a quote from my favorite kahlil gibran. may it inspire us more to leave the city and hit the road often...

*Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.*


love always,

Posted by Anonymous *T* @ 1:14 PM #

wow, that place looks great! During the summer, i was not even able to feel a drop of sand on my feet, poor me... Where is Anawangin?

Posted by Anonymous chateau @ 11:31 AM #

*T* ~ I remembered you when I was enjoying the sun, sand and the waves! =B

Chateau - Nakahabol pa nga ako sa Summer eh. Days after we arrived, nag u-uulan na db. Anawangin in ZAMBALES. =B This is not your usual resort coz its not a resort at all. It's privately own Island. Walang bayad ang stay namin. We just gave "contribution" sa care taker ng Island. No cell signal and no electricity too...

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 2:24 PM #

Ay Liz! Inggit ako! Being a Zambales native, I haven't been there, shame on me. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Posted by Anonymous julie @ 7:56 AM #
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