Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uncomfortable Survery

I did not want to answer this when I saw it on Amy's blog. But Ruthie tagged me, darn.

-Longest relationship? ~6 years
-Shortest relationship? ~1 week
-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have TOLD YOU that they love you? ~3
-Have you ever thought that you were going to marry the person you were with? ~yes
-Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry? ~yes

-Are you happier single or in a relationship? ~married
-Have you ever been cheated on? ~yes
-What is your favorite thing you notice about the opposite sex? ~face
-Ever broken someone's heart? ~yes
-Talk to any of your exes? ~no

-Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend? ~yes
-Have you dated people who were not good to you? ~no
-Have you been in an abusive relationship? ~no
-Have you ever dated someone older than you? ~yes
-Younger? ~yes
-Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? ~no!
-Ever dated two people at once? ~yes
-Ever been given an engagement ring? ~yes
-Do you want to get married? Again? ~I'm married but once is enough.
-Do you want kids? ~I have a daughter.
-If so how many? ~I'm satisfied with one for now.
-Do you have something to say to any of your exes? ~die in hell.
-Ever stolen some one's boyfriend or girlfriend? ~yes haha…
-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend? ~yes again…
-Should your friends date your exes? ~I don't care really.

I'm tagging ALL OF YOU!


Posted by Lizzz @ 3:56 AM

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"die in hell"... hahahaha! ayos yun ah! so honest!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 3:59 AM #

die in hell! hahahhh

omigosh lizz..

-Ever stolen some one's boyfriend or girlfriend? ~yes haha…

u r soooooooo.....

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 9:22 AM #

Kaya ayokong sagutan to eh... ma-iintriga ako hahaha!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 4:43 PM #

hahahahaha!!! so you're tagging everyone, huh? hahahahahaha!!!


Posted by Blogger Jen CC @ 5:17 PM #
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