Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach getaway

I was on a 2-day beach getaway with my fellow L2SMOC friends last Sunday and Monday. All these sun burn was worth it! Breathless view, white sand, clear blue water, island hopping, colorful corals and more! I'll upload the pictures soon. I have to finish the watermarks first. Safety first right? Anyway, here's our IT.

L2S Mountaineering and Outdoors Club - Itinerary:

Day 1 (July 29)
5:00am – Assembly Victory Liner Cubao
6:00am – ETD fro San Antonio, Zambales
9:30am – ETA Pundaquit, Zambales
Arrange boat for Anawangin
10:00am – ETA Anawangin Beach

Day 2 (July 30)
7:00am – Wake up call
9:00am – Dive/snorkel, Explore Capones Island, light house and nearby island
12:00nn – ETA Punduquit, Lunch and bath.
2:00pm – ETD Pundaquit
5:00pm – ETA Manila - Home sweet home

To bring:
Swimming gears – swim suit, goggles, mask, breathing tube, fins, underwater cam, etc.
Insect repellant - off lotion
First aid kit – paracetamol, betadine, gauze/bandage, and personal needs.
Mess kit and water proof bags
Extra food (snacks)

Budget: P1000.00 inclusive of 2 way bus fare, boat rent and other fees. Excess money will go to food budget.

I'm so excited to see the others pictures! Attention Malen, Ruth, Amy, Pring, Alma and Sally! Upload those pictures--now!


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