Monday, August 6, 2007

Manic Monday

I have still have things to do this week. I hope I'll start the week right.

Things to do:
+ Go to SM to buy "things" I need... (pref jeans).
+ Pay my cellphone bill.
+ Buy router (this was long overdue!).
+ Buy gift for Cornell Blues (Binyag on Saturday).
+ Buy girft for my niece, Williane Amandine (3rd bday on Sunday)--Swimming Party! Yahoo!
+ Go to Cherry Fuderama, buy grocery for tomorrow.

+ Cook food (Pancit, Lumpiang Shang-hai, Lumpiang Sariwa and mixed veggies) for our afternon/dinner party in the office.

+ I hope 3 days would be enough for me upload the pictures and post some update about it.

+ Go to dentist for my dental braces adjustment.

We have given a new task to do in the office. I hope I don't screw up!

Last Saturday... I had a 4-hour meeting with my collgues. It was hell-of-a-discussion but I hope everything will turn out fine. Tired and sleepy--I went straight to Bulacan. I got there @ 2pm. I slept 3 hours and woke up to do the laundry. We had dinner and watched Fantastic Four on dvd.

Yesterday--Sunday... We went to church with Ate jen, Kuya Jojo and Daddy Bonnie @ 9am. We had lunch @ home and packed our things. Ate jen and Kuya Jo dropped us off at our house in QC. *Lj* took a 2-hr nap... That's good. At 4pm, we got dressed and went straight to TriNoMa. *Lj* and I went to Kevin's Toys and Library for 1 hour play time. We met up with hubby and ate dinner together with my parents and sisters. And yes, we had Blizzed (Pecan cluster) and Starbucks! More pounds on my love handles there! We went home @ 9pm. At home, *Lj* kept running and doing her "break dance" thing. Finally @ 10pm we were all sounds asleep.... Zzzzz...

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Posted by Lizzz @ 9:51 AM

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busy busy mommy! :) ask lang, how much for a router this days sis?

Posted by Blogger KaThYcOt ;p @ 2:52 PM #

Ranging from 1,500 to 3,500, depending on the feature and the brand name.

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 4:33 PM #

ansarap mabuhay! busyng busy! enjoy!!

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 10:10 AM #

A day in the life of a busy working mom!

Posted by Blogger Annamanila @ 2:43 PM #
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