Monday, August 13, 2007

PMN - Third Article and more... Amandine's Birthday!

PMN published my third article... The Day My Lj Broke My Heart (Is it ok to be angry?)

Thanks PMN!

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It's a windy Monday today! Leaves and dusts flying and scattered all over the driveway. Thank God I have the day off today. More of me watching TV, sleeping, playing with *Lj*'s new toys and maybe later hubby and I will watch a movie. Thanks to my free movie pass from work.

Rewind to last Friday.... I went to work that night and should be out Saturday morning but more stress at work, I stayed for another 4-hour for the meeting. I finally got home at 11:30am to fix my things, eat lunch, and rest. I think I only had a 5-minute shut eye. After that, I got up, bathe and fix *Lj*'s things... Then off we go to attend the Christening of my friend's son--Cornell Blues. Such a cute cute boy. After the church ceremony and reception, hubby dropped me off to work. Yes work again! I didn't sleep... at all! I can't imagine how I'd survived that night, but I did.

Sunday morning... I slept for 4-hours. We then fixed our things again and at 12noon hit the road to go to Las PiƱas for my pamankin's 3rd birthday. It's Williane Amandine's 3rd swimming party! Talked about bonggang party. Amandine always gets full blast parties... All in all... it was a great day yesterday. *Lj* enjoyed every minute of it.

~ On the way to the swimming party! Oh I had my hair cut last Monday... bagay ba? ~

~ Here's the birthday girl--Williane Amandine blowing candles... ~

~ *Lj* enjoying the water! ~

See more pictures *here*
See videos *here*
See pictures from the baby EOS *here*

We still have more pictures from the baby EOS cam. I think my sister *M* uploaded them on *J*'s MAC (my other sister). That's means more uploading hours for me.. grrr.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just finished uploading Amandine's 3rd bday pictures. Now, I'm trying to download pictures from the sister in Dubai. I already saw couple of shots. They seem to enjoy the Desert Safari trip. Wish we could visit you there... Uhmm maybe someday. Okay got to check those photos...

* We miss you *S*-potz! *

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Posted by Lizzz @ 12:29 PM

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hapi bday amandine

nice haircut lizzie

mwahh to lana

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 6:05 PM #

i read your 3rd article - galing! oo nga, nakwento mo nga ung moment na yun.

teka... toni gonzaga ikaw ba yan?

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 7:48 PM #

Wahhhh Toni gonzaga ka jan!

May bangs nako! hehehe Wala talaga sa plano ang haircut. Nainis lang ako bigla at deretso sa salon. Wala akong idea kung anong style gusto ko. I asked for a mag at pumili nalang ako dun. Tapos sabi ko, lagyan moko ng bangs. Sabay pikit ako ng mata ko hahaha! Okay naman db?!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 2:27 PM #

Liz... obvious na obvious, Lj loves swimming! A future swimmer maybe?

PS She looks like daddy pala! Most panganays ata eh look alike ng mga dads nila.

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 2:55 PM #
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