Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Healthy Living

I grabbed this tag from Alpha for my filler post. And I found myself drooling over the cake picture from her blog. So I browsed my picture files and found this treat from last year's Christmas dinner.

1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
~ Healthy eating is watching what you eat. A little of everything will do.

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
~ I used to exercise regularly. But since I'm working on shifting schedules, sometimes I'm having a hard time squeezing my exercise activities from my daily routine. I used "I want those abs" video from sister. Unfortunately, I can't find the CD anymore. Hopefully, my sister *J* still has it.

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
~ I never liked taking vitamin supplements. I have the impression that it will make me grow fatter.

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
~ I easily get tired. I cannot keep up with the little angel lately. And my metabolism dropped which explains these love handles.

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
~ Healthy in a way that I'm eating and trying to watch what I eat.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:02 AM

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Aargh! Those pizzas are making my tummy grumble... What a feast!
I've been trying to watch my diet and weight too. Ang hirap but it's worth it when you see the pounds peeling away :)

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Have a great week!

Posted by Anonymous chateau @ 11:48 PM #

pizza! liza, nakakagutom naman to..

Posted by Anonymous alpha @ 7:48 PM #
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