Friday, November 16, 2007


I think the week just past in a flash because it's already Friday. The little angel has a kiddie party to attend to tomorrow and I'm sure if we can go or not. I hate working during weekends. It takes away my quality time with the little angel. And speaking of the *little angel*, she has grown a lot in the past month. I cannot give specific numbers but looking at her proves that she gained weight. I would tell her taba-ching-ching (chubby), but she would hold her chin saying "chin-chin" instead. She's very aggressive and loves to run back and fort. Sometimes she would run like a sprint inside the bedroom, back and fort from the bed to the door. She also loves to play catch with her red ball. She talks a lot now too. And oh she loves to watch her baby cd.

~ She calls it the *baby* cd... ~

Now she knows how to count, name shapes, body parts, animals, fruits and many more. In here, we don't have cable tv, because I'd rather pay for the Internet connection. The only Channel on the TV is 7 and Q-tv. But it's okay because I'd rather prefer the little angel to watch her baby cd rather than see her dance with the tunes in wowowie show because the yaya is also watching. And the only thing that stops her from making a mess around the house is this *baby* cd. Thanks to my SIL for giving me this.

I'm really enjoying every moment of our quality time together. Enjoy your weekend!


Posted by Lizzz @ 6:00 PM

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I think cable is such a waste of money too. Mas ok yung mga CDs because you can control what they watch and the time they spend watching TV.

Btw, how old is your daughter?


Posted by Anonymous N!cE @ 2:09 PM #

yes! true nga sya... oh *Lj* will be 2 yrs old this coming January....

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 8:59 PM #

ay ang galing naman nya. my lil darling is a lazy learner.

Posted by Blogger Analyse @ 10:50 PM #

@ analyse ~ pero bilib ako sa baby mo... potty trained na! Baby ko hindi pa...

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 11:31 PM #

hi liz! uy parang gusto ko ng cd na yan! bumilib ako sobra kay lanna ha she can do all those things already. ang galing niya! :)

Posted by Blogger ann k @ 3:26 PM #
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