Monday, November 12, 2007

News Flash!

News Flash! Two days ago, my little *angel* broke my eye glasses. She was on her super *kulit* mode and she kept taking things that she knew I forbid her to play with. Like my wallet, cellphone, computer keyboard and my eye glasses. I was caught unaware. She snatched my eye glasses and ran! When I got to her, my eye glasses was already in two pieces. I shouted in disbelief but she just laugh and thought it was all play time. She cried when I got mad and I told to her say sorry... and she did and said "torry..." I was not like all hell mad. I just wanted her to know that it was not right to take things away without permission. Am I doing wrong? I kinda felt guilty being mad at her but I don't want to spoil her so I thought it was the right thing to do. Anyway, luckily I found my old glasses so I'm still not blind hehehe! And my sister gave me her frame for my future use, just in case *Lj* decides to terminate my old glasses--again. Thanks sis!

~ My eye glasses in two pieces... ~

More News Flash! My sister's new born baby finally came home. My sister texted us that it was a tearful moment when Amandine finally met her baby sister. I wished I saw that precious moment hayyyy.... hehehe. BTW, her name is WILLISA AIVERINE ORTIZ TOBIAS. Welcome home!


Posted by Lizzz @ 9:36 AM

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uy, sounds familiar. fortunately, mine hasn't been snapped in two yen. pero naku yung lens nagpapop out na pag nabagsak yung salamin ko, as in tumitilapon na sya! at sobrang luwang na ng salamin ko kakabatak ni dwyn.

Posted by Blogger ann k @ 11:28 PM #

why not use contacts?

Posted by Blogger Mommy Chi @ 1:42 AM #

Hehehe... same thing almost happened to me last week. I'm waiting to pick up my new glasses na =).

Sabi nga nila "we have to be cruel to be kind". I guess it's one of the hardest part of parenting.

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 5:18 AM #

hahaha! My son got his lolo's glasses broken into two, just like yours. :)

Thanks for visiting our site. :) I've linked you up.


Posted by Anonymous N!cE @ 12:15 PM #

waaah! kung sakin nangyari yan, malamang nagwala na ko. naku hindi pa talaga ko pedeng mami!

congratz to ur sis and the new family member! ganda ng name! kelan mo susundan si lanna???

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 8:23 PM #

i can totally relate. my glasses fell victim to nona at least 3x when she was younger.

1. nabasag glasses ko when she fed my glasses to the dog (oh yeah.)
2. i got the unbreakable ones, nag snap naman i half dun sa nose bridge when she yanked it apart,
3. she managed to pop the lenses out.
when she was a baby she'd also headbutt me in the face and I'd often get a cut and bleeding lip or have my glasses driven into my eyes :P

lesson learned: NEVER turn your back on a kid aged 2-4
and in carrying babies below one year, matutong umilag sa head butts.

Posted by Anonymous angela @ 11:46 PM #
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