Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm officially a zombie! Here's why:

1. Saturday shift till 2PM.
2. Jam at studio 3PM-5PM.
3. Dinner @ Mcdo till 7PM.
4. Battle of the Bands @ Puti bar started @ 8:30PM.
5. Hubby fetched me and we went to SOS anniv party at The Pub, till 2:30AM
6. Back in the office @ 3AM
7. Shift starts again @ 5AM till 2PM. This is Sunday.
8. Met with the zitrobellez sisters, 5PM @ home.
9. Practiced our "dance number" for Papsie's 60th birthday till 10PM.
10. Uploaded the video rehearsal and sent it to my 2 other sisters in Dubai, till 12MN.
11. Woke up @ 1AM but the upload was still not finished. This is Monday.
12. Woke up again @ 2:40AM and converted the file so I could attach it on email. Success.
13. Went to work @ 4AM.
14. Got home @ 3:30PM and upload the video that we shot last week till 11PM.
15. Tuesday. Woke up with a really bad headache and I'm off again to work.
16. Didn't get to work properly because I was already sick.
17. Got home @ 3:30PM and shot another set of videos and uploaded them.
18. Was already down sick for the rest of the night.
19. Wednesday, Papsie's Birthday! Me and kiddo woke up with a very bad fever!

My dad's party was a success! But the kiddo was sick too. So we went to the doctor this morning and got medicines. Then I wok up an hour ago and I'm sick again! (Nasty headache and fever).

This proves to say the we all NEED to REST. Get a massage or something. And I will. When I get better. But right now, I need to take care of the kiddo while enduring this huge headache. Oh God, please help me.


Posted by Lizzz @ 5:04 PM

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