Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Earn extra

I got good news. Kiddo's 7th birthday is in two months time and we already had out talk on what to do on her birthday. It's gonna be "Adventure Time" themed party at the clubhouse. Actually she's more excited about her costume and I'm more concern on the expenses hahahaha. Recently, I've been trying to squeeze the baking time on my rest days just so try if I will earn from it. It's not so good for now, but I'm still keeping my hopes up of course. Then the other day, MIL told me that she's come home this new year, to attend the kiddo's birthday! That's even more good news. Kiddo doesn't know it yet and I think MIL planned it to be a surprise. I wonder if I can ask MIL to buy stuff from the US and maybe I can re-sell them here. I have news that the demand of cohiba cigars sale here is high. But I'm still checking on other stuff/goods as well. Crossing my fingers because I really need to earn extra.


Posted by Lizzz @ 3:23 AM

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