Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Check-up and shopping...

It's my rest day today and I was very excited for my monthly OB check-up this morning, only to find out that my OB can't make it and a reliever will arrive. It was already 12noon, so I decided to have lunch first. I called my mom and had lunch with her at Bigoli. I ate a plate of Italian spaghetti with garlic. It was heaven. I made up my mind to just go ahead with the check-up. My questions with my OB will have to wait until next month. Besides, we have no work-ups and I was really feeling fine. So after that, I went to see my mom, who was already started shopping. I  bought new born baby stuff--white tie-sides, pj's, towel, recieving blanket, wipes, 2 feeding bottles etc. It's been awhile since I went shopping for baby stuff and I wanted to have the must-have's only. My dad, along with the kiddo fetched us aroung 4pm and decided to hit the other mall. So I was able to buy the tub and comforter there. We had dinner afterwards and went home. I gathered items on the baby and showed it to hubby on facetime. My excitement went up a notch because I really really wanted to see baby Lj already. So tommorrow is cleaning up time...

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Posted by Lizzz @ 10:20 PM

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