Monday, September 17, 2007

Pictures of the Week

Amandine really likes her cousin *Lj*. They even stood there for a few seconds so we can take pictures of them together.

~ Picture taking after our delicous meal @ Conti's, BF Homes. ~

~ Hello! dito naman... ~

~ My turn... look here please! Nice shot... ~


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:42 PM

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Ang sweet! I can't wait til my niece, Leah, and Keyan start playing together na. Right now eh nagpapaluan lang sila... Hindi pa sila marunong mag-play with other babies eh =).

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 4:39 PM #

hahaha natawa naman ako dito.. mukhang nang-gigigil si amandine kay lanna ah!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 6:07 AM #

hala, dalaga na silang 2? hehehe

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 12:47 PM #

@ kRisTiNe ~ yuff! Pag nag play na sila... matutuwa ka! Right now, we can only hear more baby talks from them pero nagkakaintindihan sila!

@ Aimz ~ yup.. gustong guto ni Amandine si Lanna. She said pa over the phone, "I love Lanna..."

@ Malen ~ hehe dalaga? waaahhh!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 10:43 AM #
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