Saturday, September 15, 2007

TGIF yesterday...

Thank God It's Friday... yesterday.

Just got out from work this morning. It was raining. Good thing my mom and dad fetched me from work. We chatted inside the car and had breakfast at Tropical Hut. I had 2-pc pancakes with ham on the side. Yum. We got home and as I entered the door, *Lj* approached me and shouted "Surprise!" with her 2 arms waving at me. How cute. Yes, she can say a word or two that you can understand but not a whole sentence. She still talks chinese though. Anyway, more on *Lj*'s updates soon. I changed my clothes and went to the dentist. The traffic was horrible. Anyway, don't want to talk about. I'm having progress with my dentist visits now. Hopefully, I'd finish this by December. Doc Emma did a major adjustment on the teeth today. Talked about pain, but it was tolerable. I got home at exactly 12noon. Imagine the heat... it was extremely hot.

We'll go to Bulacan later @ 3pm to visit hubby's dad there. And tomorrow, we'll go to Las Pinas to visit *Lj*'s cousin, Amandine. I think the kids are gonna have a dip in the pool.

That's my usual weekend. Pretty tied-up huh?


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:30 PM

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haha ang cute naman ni lanna! nga pala, napanaginipan ko si lanna 2 nights ago, mga 5 years old na daw sya tapos chubby. may kasama syang baby boy, pangalan daw ay HEDSON. natandaan ko talaga kasi kakatuwa sila maglaro. baby boy liz!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 11:36 PM #

Waaaahhhhh!!! may baby boy nako? Baket naman HEDSON ang name... Cge I'll remember to check my blog archives pag nasundan na si *Lj*..... AFTER 5 YEARS! =)

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 7:13 AM #
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