Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beautiful and Sexy

I've been tagged by two beautiful and sexy mommy bloggers --krisTiNe, Kathy and N!ce.

Thanks ladies for the award. I really appreciate it. It feels good to know I'm still sexy even though I have tons of love handles haha! I guess sexy-ness is not being measured that way nowadays.

It's time to spread the love! I'm tagging aiMz, Malen, Ruthie, Hannah, Angelica, Christy, Cynthia, Angela, Darlene, Meng, Yennygirl, Chateau, FiestyMomma, Geri, Heart of Rach, GreyMom, Mitchteryosa, MommyChi, Ladycess, Jane, Jencc.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:30 PM

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Lizzz, thanks for the award! I will work hard to be deserving of it in the "physical" sense. Let's banish our love handles together hehe

Posted by Anonymous geri @ 10:48 AM #

Thanks for tagging me Liz i really appreciate it. God bless!

Posted by Blogger Darlene @ 10:49 AM #

you deserve those awards. thanks for choosing me to be honored as well ")

Posted by Anonymous ladycess @ 12:44 PM #

@ Geri ~ me too! I would love it in the "physical" sense, but hey moms are sexy and beautiful especially with the kiddo :D

@ Darlene ~ no Problem. Take care!

@ Ladycess ~ We deserves those awards! :D hehehehe God bless..

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 1:04 PM #

uyy type ko ang award na yan

masyadong feeling!! hahahha

Posted by Anonymous malen @ 3:48 PM #

Woohoo! Beautiful na, sexy pa!

I love, love this award, Lizzz! Thank you so much for uplifting me after a tired day at the office.

Thank you, beautiful and sexy friend! :-)

Posted by Anonymous Jane @ 8:21 PM #

Hi Lizz. Thanks for these cool awards. It's so sweet of you to think of me. Take care!

Posted by Blogger Heart of Rachel @ 10:00 PM #

@ Malen ~ Sempre!

@ Jane ~ nakakawala ng pagod nho? hehe

@ Heart of rach ~ of course! Lahat ng nasa blog roll ko beautiful and sexy eh hehehe

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 11:43 PM #
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