Friday, December 28, 2007

I love PPP more!

I am so loving PPP more!

Since I had my domain name few days ago, I had problems with some of my sponsors. Some of them require to have a high page rank. But since I have a new domain, my page rank went back to zero, which I don't really. As long as my sponsor approve my new domain, that's fine with me. So my new name is still on pending status with some of my sponsors. Then I tried to edit my URL address on PPP last night but unfortunately, they don't have that option. So I added a new blog on the list, hoping they would approve it. Since it still puzzles me how would they know since it's the same blog right? I decided to submit a ticket to their customer love explaining my concern. And what do you know? I got an instant reply this morning. They declined my request to add a new blog because they said, it was not needed. But instead, they replaced their records with my new domain name. It's that easy! So from now on, I will be officially writing and submitting paid ops using my new name. I love PPP!


Posted by Lizzz @ 5:48 PM

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