Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas?

As Christmas approaches in a few minutes, I felt a tear ran down my face. Tears of joy? Probably. A party was held here in the house earlier for it's our FIL's birthday. We enjoyed talking and catching up hubby's relatives. But the preparation and the after party was exhausting. What I'm really concerned about is the little angel. She is sick. She was her usually her during the day but at times, she felt weak. We tried to make her sleep this afternoon. Good thing the hubby was there beside the her. He said, the little angel was sleeping then she coughed hard and threw up. I became paranoid. But I knew I should be thankful because threw up and knew she felt better.

After everyone left, we cleaned the house. I asked the little angel to lie down on the sofa and watch TV because mommy's still need to take a bath. I asked the hubby to hurry up so he can sit beside the little angel. I looked at her as she watched TV, I can see that she's tired, sleepy and has a difficulty in breathing because of the sipon. My heart melted she I saw a tear ran down on the side of her eyes. Oh my poor baby.

We opened our gifts and hurried to bed. I was suppose to go to work, but something in me tells me that I need to be with my little angel tonight. To hell with work. My little angel is more important to me. Besides, I could easily find another job if I need to. I cried a little when I hugged her as she lay there sleeping beside her new spongebob doll. I was feeling paranoid again. All sorts of things came across my mind.

I checked my cellphone. I got a couple of missed calls from zitros at home. Geez! I remembered, I haven't even talked to anyone from my side of the family. I felt sad. Really sad. I miss my mom, dad and my sisters.

I advised that I would still come in the office at 1AM but seeing the little angel's condition, I couldn't dare to leave. I'm sure every mom would the same. I'm uploading the pictures now taken from the said occasion earlier and I'm still gonna wrap a couple of gifts for tomorrow.

As the clock strikes 12, everything here is silent. They're sleeping. This is very different from our home in qc with the zitros. There, we would still be wide awake greeting and hugging each other, and eating my mom's traditional noche buena. I miss them so much. Tsk tsk.

As I end my simple thoughts for today, I realized that I need to be strong. I admit that I'm feeling a little down right now. I didn't expect my Christmas to be sad. And please, don't make me ruin your Christmas as you read this post. I apologize but I really need to write this down.

I pray that everyone enjoyed their noche buena and Christmas with their loved ones. I hope tomorrow will change. Merry Christmas to everyone!


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:57 PM

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Hi Liz. I'm sorry your baby isn't so feeling so well especially since its Christmas day. Hope she gets better soon.

Just a tip: in times of colds, a steamer always works fine in loosening up stuffed noses and constricted chests. You could get a nebulizer from mercury. You could also use the facial steamer from Watson's. It comes with special attachment for nasal steam inhalation. O kung mega emergency and low-budget, just mix some Vicks vaporub into boiling water and let your baby inhale the steam. Ingat lang coz the Vicks may sting her eyes.

Merry Christmas sis! Hope your baby feels better.

Posted by Blogger Angela Tesoro @ 10:15 PM #
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