Thursday, December 20, 2007

L2S Rock Christmas Party

December 12, 2007

Since I was able to drop a few pounds during the past months, I've decided to cut short this ukay-ukay skirt I got for only 35 pesos. And thanks to my sister who gave me this Nine West boots which perfectly fit the party theme--Rock! I just picked a nice top to go with this, put on my Punisher mail-man bag and ironed my hair flat.

Oh I love this picture below! The super friends really know how to pose for the occasion. Yeah, I also lend Aimz my leather skirt from Gozum. She really looks nice on them.

~ Malensky, Angleofthewaters, Aimzster ~

It's so nice to see familiar faces I used to work with. Oh yeah, did I mentioned that me and Aimz were gate crashers?! Hell yeah we were hahaha! But I liked to call it as 'guests' since we were invited by Malensky and Angelofthewaters who still works for the said company.

~ Jamo of Jamongoloids ~

My favorite part of the program is when the guest band played. They invited the band "Sino Sikat". The band was good--soul rock! It made me miss my band rocking days in that company. Yeah, we used to play in Christmas parties there. And this gate crasher err I mean 'guest' didn't let the opportunity pass by... yeah I gave my digicam to Aimz and advised her to take a picture of us. Hahaha! I went on-stage to have this pictures below! haha!

~ Kathy of "Sino Sikat ~

She's really pretty up close and super slim too. It made me miss my pre-pregnancy body, when I could get to wear mini-skirts or hanging tops just like that. And oh! Their performance was really good. Amazing voice! After that, I told Polbax (x-officemate and x-bandmate) to go there too so I could take their picture. Yeah right, he's shy so I volunteered to accompany him. Yeah I got up on-stage twice!

~ Polbax, Kathy of "Sino Sikat" and Moi ~

The hubby arrived at exactly 12mn to fetch me. We really had a fun night! I've seen former colleagues, catch up with stories with friends, rocked with the guest band and more picture taking! More picture *here*

~ Wacky pose outside NBC tent ~


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ang ganda ganda! panalo talaga ang boots moh!! hahahah

Posted by Blogger maLen @ 2:56 PM #

pati dito andito ka malen nagkalat na talaga fez mo sa net hanuvayan! he he he

Posted by Anonymous diwata @ 10:17 PM #
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