Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rugby news

My husband loves sports. Way back when he was still in High school, he participated with kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball and ever soccer. While he and his dad played tennis during the weekends. When I met up with my husband in College (boyfriend back then), he loves playing football with some college friends out in the field. And the during the weekends, I would accompany him with his friends to play basketball. And when I got my first job, he insisted that I should get fit by playing tennis with him. Since the sport was new to me, he patiently taught me the basics. Then we were played tennis every week and we really enjoyed it especially me. And now, work and time with the family especially with the little angel got us all occupied having no time to play. So what he does now is to browse his favorite team on rugby news on the Internet. It’s the official website for Europe’s premier tournament. The site offers tournament news, fixtures and games results. Through this, my husband can still be updated with his favorite team.


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:56 AM

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