Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Little Angel!

We are truly blessed to have a wonderful baby girl. God has been very good to us. She is the reason why we are here today. She is our life. Our Little Angel. To my lovely daughter, we wish you good health, happiness and bright future. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:14 AM

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happy birthday to the little angel!

Posted by Blogger Analyse @ 3:04 AM #

Oh wow!

I super looove the *parasol* shot!

Happy 2nd orbit, Li'l Angel!


Posted by Anonymous *T* @ 12:24 PM #

happy birthday, lana! hope you enjoy the party that your mom worked so hard for. :)

kisses from me and issen!

Posted by Blogger aMbUsH101 @ 2:34 PM #

happy birthday to your little angel.

you look so much alike Lizzz.

Posted by Anonymous Litzie @ 3:19 PM #

wow..ang cutee na lana...esp the last pic..kakagigilll

Posted by Anonymous malen @ 3:48 PM #

OMG! nagulat ako! dalaga na si lanna! bagay sa kanya ang mahaba ang hair! ang gaganda ng picture! HAPPY BDAY LANNA!

lizzie! miss ko na kayo! andami kong inaasikaso these days kaya hindi me makapag-isip maayos eh. sana pakawalan na me ng ACC*****! mishu mishu! pano na ung national treasure naten???!

Posted by Blogger aiMz @ 7:18 PM #
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