Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day off

Me and the hubby will take the day off tomorrow. It's the little angel's Birthday! I'm still gonna go to work tonight so the hubby and the birthday girl will just have to wait for me to get home first tomorrow morning. Then off we go. We'll attend church first and say our prayers, Thanking HIM for another year with our little girl. Then we'll probably go to Sta. Clara Church for our offering and say our *wish*. We also plan to go to Eco Park, so the little angel will enjoy the day in the park. I'm so excited!

On the Birthday preparation...

We are almost done. Thank you cards are already with me. Will attach it on Saturday because I might put some more candies inside. I already saw the background trap. Thanks sister J! And my sister A will be printing it. The small balloons are all inflated are ready for the the flower-like arrangements. Still need to order/reserve the tables and chairs and book the sorbetero, so we might have ice cream, if the price is right hehe.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:33 AM

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Happy Birthday to LJ!!! bilis talaga ng panahon noh...

anyways, kaka receive ko lang nung calendar card mo today... thank you ha.... di ko alam alam mo pala address ko, naks naman...

ingats and enjoy your time off....

Posted by Anonymous genpot @ 9:01 PM #

@Genpot~I was wondering nga kung sama parin yung address mo. Meron akong address book e. I think nakuha ko address mo dun sa yahoo groups natin dati s SJS db. Mabuti naman nakarating pa kahit late hehe. Thanks!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 12:19 AM #
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