Saturday, January 12, 2008


I slept an irritating 3 hours after my shift yesterday morning. I did not rest well and even caught a headache. Then I went to Union Bank to finally pick up my card. I went straight to Recto station via LRT2 to my mom's work place. Me and mom met up with my dad in Savory near his work place. Oh I just love Savory. It reminds of my Papang (Grand father) because we all used to eat lunch outs with the whole after church on Sundays. I just so love their famous chicken and fried rice. After that delicious meal, my dad went back to work and me and my mom went to 168 mall. I asked her that we should drop by at Starbucks near the area because I really coffee. I ordered a refreshing java chip which did help in waking me up and relieving the slight uneasiness. But the headache is still there and I just ignored it because I was feeling a little relieved. And what do you know, they gave me the sticker card for the 2008 planner promo-thingy. It's extended daw until January 31 btw.

When we arrived at 168 mall, we went ahead at the party needs booth (suki). We bought what we need for the party... balloons, banners, etc. Then we stroll the area so we can buy some more. I love shopping especially with my mom. Reyna sa tawaran. Time was a little short because we did not get a chance to shop for clothes. I was suppose to buy clothes for me to wear at the little angel's party. Oh no! I don't have anything to wear. Will probably visit SM nalang next week.

I feel like floating when we arrived at my dad's work at 6:00 pm. Lack of sleep. We load everything in the car and went home (qc). My legs, thigh and feet hurts but I did not complain. I had grin on my face thinking I have everything I need for the party. My mom and I went to a local grocery here and bought candies for the loot bags.

After Dinner and small talks, I called in to advised a half day (half night). I'm human, I need to sleep. But the half day turned into halfsent because I overslept. Yeah, I woke up 1:00 am when I should be in the office at the time so I just went back to sleep. My mind suddenly focused again on the little angel's party. So got out of bed and wrote this entry. Good thing, the items that we bought were still in the car. If not, I could be checking them and would probably be awake again until sun rise. I think I feel a slight headache again. I should probably take this opportunity that I could take a rest and sleep during the night. Iba talaga tulog sa gabi.

Goodnight goodnight... See you tomorrow.


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