Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just walk

I was able to drag my ass off to SM Marilao earlier this morning after I got home from work, just to print the Thank you cards for the party. I went to Index to have my manicure/pedicure while I wait for the cards. I've noticed that my feet was a nightmare. Uneven toe nails with very dry skin. The last foot spa I had was more than a year so I said yes to their foot spa service whic is very cheap (Php99). Besides, I need to relax because believe it or not, I walked from home all the way to SM Marilao. Since there's no tricycle available, and i don't want to wait under the sun, I decided to march. I need some exercise anyway. I was falling asleep when the lady was massaging my feet. I think I'll put "foot spa" on my what-to-do's every month. My feet deserves some pampering too. I praise my hands and feet after. Very clean and moisturized skin with platinum white color nails. Very lady-like I thought. Now I can blend in with the ladies! yey!

After that pampering session, I just took the jeepney ride from Index to the h-way and instead of riding the tricycle, I walked again. 13 pesos of tricycle fare is too much. Just think, if I pay 13 pesos every time I come in and out of the subdivision, that's how much in one week right? See. You do the math. Try walking sometime.

I picked up the card before going to work early this evening. All I need now is the banner. Attention sister J!


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:42 PM

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99php for a foot spa? OMG ang mura naman! Here the cheapest I can get is $35.00 + tip. It's been so long since I've had one too. :(

Posted by Anonymous GreyMom @ 6:58 AM #

yeah mura nga. Halos lahat ata ng balik bayan na kilala ko, nag pupunta muna sa parlor or salon. Pati sister ko. Kase daw talga dito. Great service pa.

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 10:12 AM #
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