Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Finally I'm starting my own 'Wordless Wednesday' today. But let me remind you that my pictures here are not that good unlike on Alpha's blog and the other mommies on my list. I just got inspired, that's all and this will be a filler post in the future.

This first photo was taken from SIL's digicam when we were on Miggy's 2nd Birthday party two weeks ago. I like dressing her up during such occasion because at the party, she's not shy at all. She would dance in the middle with a balloon or even play with the other kids. My SIL was able to capture a lady-like little angel.

~ Enjoying the party. ~


Posted by Lizzz @ 9:57 AM

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How pretty is that?! Lovely girl Lizzz.

Posted by Anonymous Litzie @ 2:20 PM #

yeah i really love this shot. Thanks!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 9:02 PM #

sette, cute ng shot mo galing...pwede!!! happy bday LJ mwaaahh!!!

Posted by Anonymous michellie @ 9:50 PM #
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